The Universe

At the meeting point of Parisian appetites and local Perche tradition, Dame-Marie nestles. Seen from the sky, a village, a spark, a small world built on Romanesque remains and set in farmland, on the horizon of the Armorican massif.

It is here, right here, that the organic dreams of florist Eric Chauvin have found substance.
This old farm, perched on 10 hectares of greenery, far from the fervour of the big cities, is his bastion of resurrection and fulfilment.
The 1000m2 greenhouse is a prism refracting the light of passing hours and the brightness of the crops, releasing the smells of roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, tulips, which the florist-horticulturist cultivates with care and passion throughout the seasons.

Eric Chauvin

In the grounds, marvellous animal sculptures stand freely side by side with Jin and Javas the llamas and Jeorges the alpaca. Further away the ducks are shaking the water from their feathers, and languishing throughout are 18 cats.


Universe of Eric Chauvin

On the horizon a life-size giraffe, made of metal and wood, emerges from the earth and from the imagination of Basile Karpinski, created during the fertile hours of lockdown.

Passing through the gate of the Domaine de la Crochetière is a bit like being invited into the mind of the artist, and encountering Cocteau writing poetry, Fassianos recounting modern mythology, François-Xavier Lalanne, the alchemist, transforming the living into bronze, and Charlotte Perriand busy prophesying what the world will look like in 20 years’ time.

Between popular myths and niche culture, a breeding ground for fertile imaginations.

We understand better, here, how, by flirting with the aesthetics of childhood, the universe, esotericism, traditions and feelings, Eric Chauvin has managed, through his designs, to give life to the fantasies of the collective unconscious.

From up there, all the way up there, the giraffe seems to watch over the grain, or at least Eric’s precious crops.

In this green alcove, man and nature often engage. The florist entrusts it with his dreams and Nature sometimes fulfils them. Small cabinets of curiosities appear here and there, herbariums, intimate objects invite you to explore, hidden spaces, mischief on all horizons. A conversation between beauty and personal connections shape the space.

And so the legend goes, that at the top of the 2017 Dior Couture plant-inspired show, one would have seen the Miyazaki Castle in the sky, celebrating this harmony rediscovered between man and nature, born from the hands of Eric Chauvin.