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I would like a Chauvin Paris bouquet. How to proceed?

Our bouquets of fresh seasonal flowers are available in one of our 3 shops: Le Jardin, 22 rue Jean Nicot, 75007 Paris, Le marché et l’Atelier, 77 and 85, avenue du Roule, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. But also by order on and on our website

Where do Chauvin Paris flowers come from?

Production ethics are fundamental in the choice of suppliers to Chauvin Paris. Our flowers come from producers with a true eco-responsible charter, and from Eric Chauvin’s personal and organic cultivation in the Perche.

Where and how are Chauvin Paris bouquets made?

Our floral creations are all made to order in one of our 3 shop-workshops: Le Jardin, L’Atelier or Le Marché, located in Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine.

How do I place an order on the site?

All you have to do is go to the Online Shop area, choose a bouquet, its size (S, M, L or custom-made) and pay using the online payment method.

How are Chauvin Paris bouquets delivered?

We deliver by courier with an air-conditioned box to preserve the beauty of the bouquet. For all orders placed the same day before 2pm, delivery will be made during the day. For any order placed after 2pm, it will be delivered the next day (excluding closing time). It is possible to make an urgent delivery (even after 2 p.m.) by contacting the shop directly after ordering on the site.

How should I look after my flowers?

We advise you to remove your bouquet from its packaging as soon as you receive it and to place it in a vase of fresh water that is about three quarters full, having taken care to :
– cut each stem at an angle of 1 centimetre so that the stems can better absorb water
The water in the bouquet should then be changed every two days or water should be added.

How to keep the aesthetics of the floral arrangement in the vase?

First choose a vase adapted to the composition and keep the tie that holds the bouquet together to keep it in place.

What precautions should be taken to ensure that the beauty of the bouquet lasts?

Do not place your bouquet in front of a window in the sun or a source of heat or draughts. Flowers do not like sudden changes in temperature. On the other hand, they appreciate having their stems cut regularly or changing their water (or adding a little more) every day.

What size are the bouquets?

Each of our creations is unique and depends on the quantities and varieties of flowers used. The floral composition of the bouquets purchased online is detailed in its description sheet and made according to sizes S, M or L. We are also at your disposal for the creation of tailor-made bouquets.

Do you make bouquets, workshops or floral decorations for corporate and private events?

For 20 years, La Maison Chauvin Paris has specialised in floral design for large corporate or private events. We are at your disposal to imagine and create your tailor-made decorations.

Will the composition delivered be identical to the photograph?

The Chauvin Paris florists meticulously assemble each composition to order, matching as closely as possible the one you have chosen on our site, both in shape and colour. As our bouquets are composed of fresh, seasonal flowers, our supply depends on the crops and weather conditions. However, the spirit of the bouquet will always be faithful.

What happens if the recipient is absent?

Before each delivery, we make an appointment with the recipient in order to avoid any inconvenience and to ensure that your flowers arrive at the right destination.
If the recipient is absent we will call you to adapt to the situation.

Do you deliver public buildings, companies, hotels, hospitals and cemeteries?

We deliver to all institutions, public and private buildings, taking care to contact the recipient beforehand. It is important to provide us with as much information as possible for the delivery: room number, precise opening hours etc…